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Great Falls High, MT Football
Billboard & Poster
Fall 2013

Quality Keepsake Images

We take great pride in producing
top-quality photographs and products
for all of our athletic clients.
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Fundraisers Are Fun Again

Not only does your athletic program
win your students win too.

We award top sellers with
Apple Macbook Pros, iPads,
iPods, and more.

Insured Profits Means
Guaranteed Profits

Athletic Team Imaging gives back.
This is all about your team and how you win.
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We offer a guaranteed 10% percentage
on all photo day profits reimbursed back
to your athletic programs. Maximize your
profits by 20% when your team reaches
new heights in sales.

Easy Online Ordering System
Payments And Shipments

Online ordering photos has never been easier.
All products available to see before purchasing,
even a feature to share photos online.

Send personal links to family members out of state!


We Work, You Don’t

Professional, certified photographers with years of experience, committed to the development of your athletic programs by delivering sports team photography with fast turnarounds.

Our process is simplified. Trust us do all the work from start to finish.


Overcome Budget Cuts

Unique fundraisers tailored to your program's needs while keeping costs to a minimum. Successfully engage your community and earn extra cash for additional athletic expenses you didn’t have before.

When your athletic programs win, your athletes win too. ATI awards top sellers with Apple computers and cash prizes.


Mission: Giving Back

Funding for your athletic programs can be stressful. We eliminate your concerns with automatic percentages back on every order reimbursed to your program and guarantee profits.

We put your program and athletes in the spotlight and helping your teams achieve their goals and reach new heights.

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